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Holiday arts!

Hello all, and happy holidays!

As you search for gifts for your loved ones, please keep us in mind - the Chinese are always an option, big box stores full of plastic junk await.  But we'd like a chance to make stuff for you, as well!  

In addition to all the things already on our website, we are all about the DIY and enabling creativity, making dreams at any scale come true... For example, one of the fun things we can do is cut ornaments from your child's drawing: have them do a drawing with a black felt tip pen, like this

and we can cut 'em out 

and then you can either leave them raw, or have your kid paint them!  That's the most fun.  And then give all your relatives a true piece of art.  

If you really want to get fancy, we can also make custom frames for your kids art.  Josephine made this wonderful drawing of a dellacotta squash, which I scanned and then made sandwiching metal plates that turned it into a freestanding piece of art:

Same goes for anything you can dream up.  One off ornaments are around $30 (it takes me about half an hour to work up the design and cut the first one) and then duplicates would be in the $5-10 range depending on quantity and complexity.    

Also, I'd encourage you to ask for what you want, if you don't see it on our website.  We really can build almost anything.. other than plastic junk.  Recent requests have been for a US battle flag and Grinch coverplates - both of which will be up here soon.  Also, you can mix and match any of the designs we've got up - Ravens with nameplates?  Sasquatch shelves?  Take any of the ideas and make them your own!

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