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New Videos! New Designs!

I had a chance to not only knock up some new designs - continuing to fool around with the cube firepit idea - but actually managed to get some video together as well.  I've started adding videos to the hydemade youtube channel so if you like this kind of thing, subscribe and all that.  There are also some videos of Ron playing mandolins, so enjoy!  I've got more of those, too, to post.  All I need is encouragement.

Oh - and about the mandolins - where did they go?  They used to be all over this site.  That's a collaboration with Ron Hyde, my dad, and you're right, I need to get them back up.  

Anyway - shop life.  The new 16" cube is really great - and so is the propane kit. 



We've been pretty busy at the shop, so it was nice to have a day with Jesse to just get this done.  Maybe next week I'll clean my desk!


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