Custom steel fabrication. Made in the USA!
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Custom Retail Displays

Custom retail displays, built to last, of sustainable materials, right here in the USA.  

We use raw steel, brass, and reclaimed wood, allowing the natural character of the materials to enhance the visual impact of both the display and your product.  Here are some examples:

Alaffia Goodsoap Displays

These displays feature steel frames and pans, with reclaimed wood trim.  They ship complete.  The single version is an exercise in compact design, maximizing product display while minimizing footprint.  The larger multi-displays are very eyecatching, and their  clean and open geometry invites interaction.  


Alaffia EDS Display

The EDS displays feature a faceted, lettered steel frame, reclaimed gluelam shelves, with label grooves, and brass accents, affixed with copper rivets.  Truly striking.


Alaffia Basket - Queen Displays

The Basket and Queen displays ship knocked down, and assemble without tools.  The beetle-leg inspired arms are great for holding baskets, purses and the like.  


Alaffia Africa Display

This custom display is an amazing piece of sculptural art.  The faceted Africa holds reclaimed wood shelves, cut on arcs to balance the geometric design of the frame.  The base is an old bulldozer drive gear, with a Good Hope storm inspired wave motif.  It was really fun to make!