Custom steel fabrication. Made in the USA!
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We've built all kinds of furniture - tables, chairs, benches, cabinets, etc. - and have evolved a raw-steel and reclaimed wood style that really looks great.

Chairs are the most difficult, because it really is a tricky business, supporting sitting people.  I've worked a lot with chairs, and have a good idea of what is comfortable - it's the geometry, not the surfaces, that make them so - and these are edgy, geometric, unusual.  But sit well.  And look great.  

The table bases I really try and optimize for knee clearances, and keep them clean underneath with as much kneecap room as possible.  I seem to have two styles going on - one uses more anthropomorphic, high heel taper shapes, and the other, big fractal blocks that are a much more massive presence.  

Because each piece is custom, we can change the height to suit the user, which is fun - especially with the chairs.  The tables we build are usually about 30" to the top surface, the chair seat heights 17-19", etc.  I can get you a CAD drawing before we build.

We also do found object furniture - the saw blade table, for example, or the fan-blade chair.  These are truly art pieces, with a modicum of functionality.  And it's that modicum of functionality which delights the artist in me - my art is very much about the feeling of being alive, and that feeling is very present when you're perched on the fan-chair, or eating at the saw-table - you are present, engaged, alive.  Part of the art.