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I've been setting my art on fire for years - it's a great combination, the metal and the fire.  Here are some pieces that are ready to go.

 I've added a propane option - I fitted our penguin up with a basic propane burner, robust enough to survive wood getting tossed in as well, and it works great.  You can either have an instant, pretty fire with no fuss, and no mess, or add in some chunks of wood and get that solid heat you want.  The propane version gets hot, but somehow it doesn't satisfy as much as the wood, and together they work great.  No smoky messes trying to get damp wood to light - just fire up the propane feed.  It's amazing! Instant party.  Light the propane, throw in some wood, wait a few minutes til it's crackling and going good, and you can shut the gas off and the wood will take over.  Fun!  It's like being a superhero.