Custom steel fabrication. Made in the USA!
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I've been exploring using CNC cutting to actualize faceted sculptures for over ten years now, and am continually evolving the technique.  It allows for reproduction at different scales, and repeatable, economical repeats.  Each one is of course unique, it's a wrestling match each time, getting everything to line up.  I'm the hold it guy, Jesse tacks it together, I end up blinded and burned, but it's worth it.

Being steel, the pieces also really love being lit on fire, add simple propane rigs (weed burners, basically) and you've got an instant good time.  Lots of interactivity!  All my pieces are intended to incite interactivity, the piece isn't really complete until there's someone riding it, painting it, or watching the flames - my art is really about the participant, and inspiring good feelings. Special moments of wonder!  Of just being alive and in the moment.  Anyway.  I bring my ponies around to various events - Burning Man, Barter Faire, Christmas tree lighting, Founder's Day, the Okanogan County Fair.  Anywhere and everywhere I can.

My first piece was the Acavallo pony, which has been a constant companion since.  She's been on fire, been painted, burned again, ridden so many times that her back is polished smooth.   We've built them at 1/3 scale, 1/2 scale, and full scale.  They're pretty severe in the head and neck department, but very comfortable to ride and play on.  

My next piece was the Mermaid pony, which was a lot more intense design wise.  I really pushed myself with this one - working on it here and there over the course of two years, sculpting in clay and wood, and then scanning and painfully tracing in CAD, rinse and repeat.  I learned a lot!

The latest is really the penguin, which I've sinced modded into a firepit.

My latest piece is the freestanding horse, the Davinci pony, for lack of a better name.  If you buy a piece I've done, you'll fuel the pieces I'll do.  It's a collaboration, all the way!

 I've got the front part more or less done... but that ass.  It's got to be perfect.  God help me!  Tail or no tail?