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Mermaid Pony

Mermaid Pony


A stunning, larger than life-size faceted metal mermaid pony.  Available with, or without, flames!

This piece is about what it must feel like to be a horse in the sea, or a mermaid out of water, never quite comfortable...  The wonder it must be to be such a fantastical creature, too.  And of course that 'ready to run away' energy that horses all have.  It took a couple years to generate the CAD - trying to capture that feeling.  I sculpted, scanned, and used that scan to guide the facetizing. It took forever.  I can't wait to do the next one!

Shipping Policy

Contact us to determine shipping costs as it does not qualify for Standard shipping or Heavy Duty Items.  This product will be shipped via Freight or delivered at a reasonable fee depending on your location. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your options and needs.



As designed, they measure about 10' x 6-1/2' in plan, about 60" tall.  So shipping will be a big deal!  If you're in or near the Pacific Northwest, we'll deliver.


 I've run propane lines (weed burner controls) thru the neck and into the head of our pony, we could do the same for you.  Works great.  

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